Hack The Space Day

The first Sunday of every month is the Hack The Space Day, where members can help make the space better!

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Lockpicking Workshop

Learn how to pick locks in this exciting workshop on the first Saturday of every month.

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Nottingham Hackspace at EMF Camp

Nottingham Hackspace members had an amazing time at the first ever EMF Camp, a weekend hacker/maker camp.

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A wild Ein the Duck appears!

Ein the Duck made his first appearance in the wild on the BBC News Technology homepage.

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Young Rewired State at Nottingham Hackspace

Nottingham Hackspace is happy to be a centre for the Young Rewired State Festival of Code the week of 6-12 August

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Nearly a year ago, Nottingham Hackspace aquired a second hand vending machine. It’s now fully working and members can pay using their membership cards.

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Nottinghack speak to Sydney Padua

Nottinghack talk to Sydney Padua “…Sydney, do you happen to know what Ada Lovelace’s toothpaste consisted of?”… “Why YES! Yes I do!”

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Open Craft Nights

The first and third Monday of the month is the Hackspace Open Craft Night.

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Make a rubber stamp workshop

Make a rubber stamp using the laser cutter. On Thursday 26th April from 7-9pm.

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Day of CNC and CAD

Come along to our CAD and CNC day on Saturday 21st April. Learn to draw with Computer Aided Design and then create with Computer Numerical Controlled machines.

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