Join us at the Nottingham Hackspace 2.5 Fundraiser Party!

We’re upgrading, renovating, and making everything awesomer at Nottingham Hackspace!

And YOU can help us by coming to our party!

DRINK specially designed cocktails from our fully automated cocktail making robot, Barbot!

EAT treats prepared by Antenna and cakes made by Hackspace members!

BID on gifts, gadgets, and more designed by Hackspace members!

TEST your wits with our Mini Nerd Quiz!

SEE exciting demos and games built by Hackspace members!

All proceeds go to supporting the space in our renovation project to make us the largest hackspace in the UK.

The party’s at Antenna on Thursday, 24 March starting at 8pm.

Tickets are on sale now, with £7.50 getting you in the door and £10 getting you in the door and a cocktail from BarBot.

See you there!


Hack-O-Ween Is Coming


Dim the lights, get out the jack-o-lanterns, and send the little ones to bed, because on Friday, 31 October, it’s time for…


Hack-o-ween is Nottingham Hackspace’s Halloween party, with elaborate jack-o-lanterns, plenty of snacks and drinks, spooky movies, scary music, and plenty of fun.

There will be a costume contest, so be sure to get your maker skills out to wow the competition!

The party starts at 7pm, and will continue until the werewolves howl outside!

Be there, or look out for hauntings!

Events Group Project

BarBot Fundraising Party – Saturday, 16 August

Initial design for BarBot
The initial design for BarBot.
On Saturday, 16th August, Nottingham Hackspace will be hosting the BarBot Fundraiser Party.

Members of Nottingham Hackspace have been working steadily on BarBot, a cocktail-making robot, since March. This robot will serve cocktails at Electromagnetic Field, the hacker camp in Bletchley on 29 – 31 August.

BarBot has been a labour of love for these members, and on Saturday, 16th August, you can see BarBot in action, and help out to support BarBot contributors for the cost of materials used, and start buying ingredients to take to EMF Camp.

The party will start at 6pm, and run until 9pm. It will give you a chance to see BarBot in action, and enjoy a robot-made cocktail or non-alcoholic drink. Plus, members will be getting together to design artwork and décor for BarBot, choose a name, and enjoy the robotically engineered drinking experience.

For more information on BarBot, please see the Wiki page on BarBot. For more information on the fundraising party, please contact Mouse.

Events Workshops

International Arduino Day 2014 – 29 March

Arduino Day BannerJoin Nottingham Hackspace to celebrate Arduino’s tenth birthday on International Ardunio Day – March 29th 2014.

If you’ve not heard of Arduino before (and we think that is unlikely), it is an open source electronics prototyping platform that pretty much kickstarted the making revolution we’re now in.  You can find more details on their site (

On International Arduino day from 1pm we’ll be showing off Arduino projects, and you’ll be able to talk to the makers behind them, putting on mini-workshops throughout the day suitable for all abilities and exploring what Arduino can offer.  If you’ve never used Arduino before, you can come along from 11am to get your laptop up and ready to use them, and even buy a beginners kit if you want to.

From 6pm we’ll be celebrating Arduino’s 10th birthday with a party and a birthday cake (Arduino shaped, of course).

You can sign up for free tickets to the day, party, or both on eventbrite:


No tinsel? No problem! Nottinghack Festivus 2

On the night of 22nd December 2012 members and their guests are invited to the historic 2nd Annual Festivus Party at your Nottingham Hackspace:
We’ve passed the hat round and will be getting a cask of Magpie Brewery real ale, Kate will be making a Christmas punch of some sort that will be deadly potent as well as all the usual soft and alcoholic drinks, not sure we’ll have what you’d like? Please bring a bottle or two.

Festivus is a fun festive event that tries to encompass a new raft of holiday traditions that all can enjoy. These include…

“Festivus Diner” (pot-luck buffet) during which (a highly staged)…

“Airing of Grievances” will solemnly be read out (a list of trolling
and moaning from the mailing list for 2012) followed by the

“Feats of Strength” which will be in the form of a few games of NINJA
(Tom Scott facial punching optional) though of course the host may challenge a quest to wrestle…
You can learn more about Festivus on Wikipedia

 As well as all that there will be the arcade machines, a funk & soul set by DJ Chunky Hampton (ok it’s Matt Little) and any other entertainments that pops into our heads after several glasses of Kate’s Christmas Pixxy Punch. The space will be traditionally decorated with a bare aluminium pole (and nothing more).
There will be an early showing of Seinfeld Festivus episode.
The pot luck diner is being organised on the Google group as are donations of booze or money etc which if you’ve forgotten where that is it’s here
If I see you there it will be a festivus miracle!
From about 6pm 22nd December 2012