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10th July 2020


A Year in Review 2013

It’s been a year of consolidation at Nottingham Hackspace with a few milestones too. It’s was our 2nd full year at Roden House and our 3rd since Nottinghack was founded. This year marked us breaking the 200 member boundary but also slipping into 2nd place as the UK 2nd largest Hackspace (with London Hackspace’s move in June).

Some highlights have included

The Ukulele Orchestra of Hackspace founded and has since spawned into a number of interesting ventures including Luthiers (Stringed Instrument Makers) Club and Olde Timee Band who you can here playing here. If that is something you like then you can join in most Monday evenings from about 7pm. In fact 2013 was very social all round with the inauguration of Friday’s informal “BAD MOVIE NIGHT” as well as some nice group meals!

We suddenly got famous too, BBC Click featured us in a story by LJ Rich called “Can anyone do DIY Tech?”


Our appearance of television coincided (and not by accident) with us being featured on Hack-A-Day and as a result we had our busiest open night ever…  so we decided to do a live hook-up with London Hackspace and Hackspace Manchester!

We were very happy to see the return of the UK Maker Faire this year and of course Nottingham Hackspace was there in strength providing not only a Hackspace table but also a UK Hackspace Foundation table as well!

We’ll be going to the Maker Faire 2014 too of course. Will you be coming along?

With so many new members we had a very busy and full Annual General Meeting this year. We needed to get at least 50 members in the room! It was a good opportunity for a group photograph.

We’ve had some super hard-work put into running workshops of all kinds though the Arduino workshops have been sold-out and very popular all year! We have more in 2014 check the calendar.

We had fun around Nottingham too when we took part in Light Night… we’re doing that again in 2014 so break out the LEDs and EL Wire!

… we got outdoors again and into the Arboretum to join in with the Green Festival!

What will 2014 bring? We’ve a lot of things planned and we can’t wait to see what you build at the Hackspace!


A year in review 2012

This time last year we’d only been at Roden House for 8 months and we’re settling in to life there, I did a review of 2011 which you can read here. We’d just purchased our Myford Super Seven metalworking lathe in December 2011 and that was a major step for the Hackspace and led to much more quality based approach to tool acquisition in 2012 a year that saw Nottingham Hackspace able to meet it’s full rental costs from membership payments alone and breaking the 100 members mark too.

Co-incidentally Nottingham Hackspace has acquired a superb Bridgeport milling machine by Adcock-Shipley of Leicester made in about 1974. We had a tip off from a member of Bristol Hackspace about it’s possible availability at a bargain price. Founder Member Matt Lloyd (aka RepRap Matt and @DPSLWK on twitter) is working carefully through the required restoration to get the mill in top condition for the future. Matt says at this time there are no plans to add CNC to the mill and should be ready to use in the next few months.

One of the first major events last year was the Global Gamejam 2012 and Nottingham Hackspace hosted teams and you can find a write up of that event here.

In March we attended the Science in the Park event at Wollaton Hall teaching well over a 100 kids and adults how to solder. We’ll likely be attending that event again in 2013 on the 23rd March more information here.

April saw us run workshops in making rubber stamps on the laser cutter and making a bat listener. We also had a day dedicated to learning CNC techniques.

The CNC day was run by David Hayward, Matt Little and long time friend of Hackspace Andy Harsley.

In May we celebrated a year at Roden House, with an Open Day

Just like the event in 2011, Open Day is a chance for us to show off projects and tools and invite anyone who is interested to visit the space being shown at it’s best.

June saw Nottingham Hackspace attending the local Mini Maker Faire at the Silk Mill in Derby just up the road from us. The Faire was well attended and Nottinghack showed off it’s automated lighting system plans.

In June we also attended the Green Festival in Nottingham’s arboretum.


In July we had a number of workshops including solar power and a Ladies Night organised by Kate Bolin. We also had one of the most successful events of the year in July the Raspberry Jam, which is an event for users of the Raspberry Pi micro computer.

August saw the Nottingham Hackspace acting as venue to the Young Rewired State Nottingham team who won “Best Example of Code” resulting in the prize of  a Google Plaque (displayed in the comfy area) and a RepRap kit witch they are building most Sundays at the Hacskspace.

September saw a large contingent attending the Electo Magnetic Field event in Milton Keynes. It was awesome…

We had quite a few activities at the Hackspace in September too including wine making, lock picking and candle making.

October saw Nottinghack attending the Ignite Futures Pop-Up Science Shop at the Broadmarsh centre in Nottingham. The shop called 3-2-1 Ignition was very successful. Hackspace had a take over day.


It’s been a great year at Hackspace and a real one for growth in both membership and stability. I look forward to another year of surprises.


No tinsel? No problem! Nottinghack Festivus 2

On the night of 22nd December 2012 members and their guests are invited to the historic 2nd Annual Festivus Party at your Nottingham Hackspace:
We’ve passed the hat round and will be getting a cask of Magpie Brewery real ale, Kate will be making a Christmas punch of some sort that will be deadly potent as well as all the usual soft and alcoholic drinks, not sure we’ll have what you’d like? Please bring a bottle or two.

Festivus is a fun festive event that tries to encompass a new raft of holiday traditions that all can enjoy. These include…

“Festivus Diner” (pot-luck buffet) during which (a highly staged)…

“Airing of Grievances” will solemnly be read out (a list of trolling
and moaning from the mailing list for 2012) followed by the

“Feats of Strength” which will be in the form of a few games of NINJA
(Tom Scott facial punching optional) though of course the host may challenge a quest to wrestle…
You can learn more about Festivus on Wikipedia

 As well as all that there will be the arcade machines, a funk & soul set by DJ Chunky Hampton (ok it’s Matt Little) and any other entertainments that pops into our heads after several glasses of Kate’s Christmas Pixxy Punch. The space will be traditionally decorated with a bare aluminium pole (and nothing more).
There will be an early showing of Seinfeld Festivus episode.
The pot luck diner is being organised on the Google group as are donations of booze or money etc which if you’ve forgotten where that is it’s here
If I see you there it will be a festivus miracle!
From about 6pm 22nd December 2012

Events Rasberry Pi

Raspberry Jam for RPi – Introducing EVE Alpha at Cape Bar, Victoria Road

The Raspberry Pi Jam, 6th November 2012 will introduce EVE an add on for Raspberry Pi developed by Hackspace members and CISECO.

This event runs from 6:30pm. At Cape Bar on Victoria Street in Nottingham. Please do bring your own RPi or related projects. This event is FREE and open to all (even if you DON’T have a RPi).



Visit us at the Manchester Mini Maker Faire at MOSI on Sat 28th & Sun 29th July

The third UK Mini Maker Faire comes to Manchester’s Museum of Science & Industry which is worth a visit any time. This promises to be the biggest of the Mini Maker Faire’s so far with a large number of new exhibitors as well as lots of our old friends showing new and exciting projects and sharing ideas.

. You can find out everything you need to know about this event on their website here:


Events Rasberry Pi

Raspberry Jam at Nottingham Hackspace

Nottingham Hackspace’s first Raspberry Jam was a success, with around 40 people attending to see what the fuss was about.

The Raspberry Jam at Nottingham Hackspace
The crowd at the Raspberry Jam

The Raspberry Pi is a low-power computer approximately the size of a business card. Designed originally to get kids into programming, the size, wide range of uses and the low cost of just £25 made it an instant win with programmers and hackers all over the world.

Getting to know the Raspberry Pi
Getting to know the Raspberry Pi

At the Raspberry Jam on Tuesday, 3 July, Raspberry Pi owners, people waiting for their Raspberry Pis to be delivered, and people wondering what all the fuss was about came and saw some of the possibilities this innovative computer could provide.

Working with a Raspberry Pi and a robotic arm
Working with a Raspberry Pi and a robotic arm

Due to the success of the first Nottingham Hackspace Raspberry Jam, we’ve decided to hold monthly Jams, starting the new Raspberry Pi User Group (RPUG) in Nottingham.

The next Jam will be Tuesday, 7 August, from 6:30pm onwards.

Please note: If you have a Raspberry Pi, please bring your own monitor, keyboard and power supply, as we have a limited number at the Hackspace.


Nottinghack speak to Sydney Padua

Kate Bolin told me she waited through ALL the credits of “Clash of the Titans” (the recent one) to see her favourite webcomic artist’s name on the big screen. With a cult following in the Hackspace movement if you’ve not read Sydney Padua’s fantastic 2D Goggles you are missing a treat. We were delighted to hear that Sydney is working on a print edition of “The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage” which might be available as soon as the year 2013! Nottinghack dropped Syndey an email with a few questions…

In the unlikely event that anyone reading this hasn’t heard of 2D Goggles can you tell us a little about it?

2Dgoggles is a webcomic (and soon a book!) that concerns Victorian mathematicians Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace, in pocket universe where they build a giant computer and fight crime, clients, street musicians, and each other. I do a ton of research for it and I am the world’s leading expert on Charles Babbage’s hair. Come for the comic, stay for the footnotes!

Did you know that your work has been reproduced at London Hackspace? Could you tell us a little about what you think of the Hackspace movement?

Yes the mural looks awesome! I love the idea of hackspaces, it’s a great resource for those of us deprived of sheds. I can’t wait to get up to Nottingham, which I intend to do at the first available opportunity- not only are you located near the resting place of Ada Lovelace, I understand you have both beer and lathes.

We’re very excited to hear about you going into print in a year or so, you must be thrilled?

Oh, very thrilled! And also kind of daunted! When I started the comic it was literally a joke.. then it became a kind of an obsession.. but I never set out to do a graphic novel. Pantheon is a terribly distinguished publisher with a list of graphic novel luminaries, so both a huge honour and a lot to live up to.

What’s your dream gadget?

Oooh, let me think..something to make decisions for me! A Magic Eight Ball (do you have those here?), containing a supercomputer that could generate accurate projections of the future and tell me what to do.

What kind of things do you think Babbage and Lovelace would be making if they were hackspace members today?

Heh.. Babbage would have to be making the next thing that nobody could understand what it was. I think it would be too advanced for my puny brain! Lovelace would be making it even more baffling, but I think on the side she’d be making flying machines.

What’s worse – bad street musicians or bad poetry?

Bad music AND bad poetry– maybe I should have Lovelace and Babbage join forces against musicals!

What question do you wish you’d been asked?

Uuummm.. Sydney, do you happen to know what Ada Lovelace’s toothpaste consisted of?

Could you answer that question?

Why YES! Yes I do! Buy the book to find out what!

Look out for Sydney Padua’s Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage in print next year in the meantime try 2D Goggles

Events Uncategorized

Ready for the Derby Mini Maker Faire?

The crew at the Derby Silk Mill have been working around the clock to get the Derby Mini Maker Faire organised. It’s going to be pretty cool too. The Faire will be 11am – 4pm on Sunday 3rd June.

There will be a load of makers from all over the UK as well as other Hackspaces such as HacMAN, London Hackspace and Build Brighton and there. Saturday 2nd June will be a Makers Only day with opportunities to collaborate and work on project without the public being in the way!

Nottinghack regular Martin Raynsford will be running a table about his 365 Laser cutting project and Jake Howe will be exhibiting some of his excellent Instructables and Steam Punk props.

Tim Hunkin will be giving a talk about his excellent Under the Pier Show too! There will be a lot going on. See you there!

Events Workshops

Science in the Park – Wollaton Hall 10th March 2012

Join us at Science in the Park 2012 at Wollaton Hall Nottingham from 11am on the 10th March 2012.

We’ll be running a soldering workshop!