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Nottingham Hackspace Photographers


Designed for anyone with an interest in photography or interested in getting more involved with photography, this group discusses the best ways to take photos, reviews photos taken, and generally talks about cameras and other photography-related topics.

We no longer run the Photography Group. There is however loads of awesome photography stuff going on in Nottingham still. If you ask the folks at London Camera Exchange they have plenty of recommendations.


SafeSpaces at Nottingham Hackspace

The Hackspace is a wonderful and joyous space.  To make sure that all our members, guests, and event attendees get the same amazing experience of the space, we now have a SafeSpaces policy.

This policy covers the Hackspace and the interactions we have when representing the Hackspace at external events.

We hope you will join us in wanting to make the Hackspace a better place.

If you have any concerns about this, please email If you would rather talk to a trustee directly, their email addresses are available on the wiki.


Get Involved!

volunteerNottingham Hackspace is run entirely by volunteers – nobody gets paid, or any other reward, for helping keep the space running.

Well, that’s not entirely true.  You do get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you have helped to improve an organisation that is committed to providing space for everyone to work on their projects and meet similarly minded people.

We always need more people to help keep the space running, so what can you do to help?  Anything!  You don’t even need any particular skills.  We have jobs ranging from sweeping the floor to building walls to maintaining machines.

If you are not sure how you can help, we have a list of jobs available on the wiki:

Or you can turn up to a Hack the Space day – every first Sunday of the month from 11am.  There will be lots of jobs and people to help you find something useful to do.

We’ll see you in the space soon!



Yesterday, around 2pm, The Nottingham Hackspace website was broken into and all the content deleted.

Matt Lloyd and I spent a lovely afternoon before the members meeting trying to track down the various issues and identify the vector that was used to break in.  This is what we know so far:

  • The original break-in happened in early June, and injected a fairly well known zend_framework hack – no content was compromised at this point
  • It did, however, open up a big hole in WordPress
  • It also spread very effeciently – every writable PHP file on the server ended up with the injected code
  • Yesterday, someone (possibly the same person) exploited that hole to break into Dominic’s account on WordPress
  • They proceeded to delete everything
  • They then wrote us a very nice post entitled “SUM TING WNT WONG”

We (mostly Matt) have now restored all file, posts and pages and most images.  If you notice anything out of place, please let us know.  All wordpress users will need to change their passwords, and your permissions have been temporarily changed to “Subscriber”.  We will let you know when to change you password – there is still a bit to do yet.

Unfortunately, as the wiki and wordpress share a database, we have lost the last 4 days of wiki edits.

So, lessons learnt:

  • Keep your WordPress install and plugins up to date
  • Separate the wiki and WordPress databases
  • There are plugins available that keep an eye on the core WordPress code (such as “Exploit Scanner”)


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Ready for the Derby Mini Maker Faire?

The crew at the Derby Silk Mill have been working around the clock to get the Derby Mini Maker Faire organised. It’s going to be pretty cool too. The Faire will be 11am – 4pm on Sunday 3rd June.

There will be a load of makers from all over the UK as well as other Hackspaces such as HacMAN, London Hackspace and Build Brighton and there. Saturday 2nd June will be a Makers Only day with opportunities to collaborate and work on project without the public being in the way!

Nottinghack regular Martin Raynsford will be running a table about his 365 Laser cutting project and Jake Howe will be exhibiting some of his excellent Instructables and Steam Punk props.

Tim Hunkin will be giving a talk about his excellent Under the Pier Show too! There will be a lot going on. See you there!


Hack ALL the Spaces!

**Stop Press** You can now access all of the podcasts at

Founder members Kate (@KateMonkey) and Dominic (@ChickenGrylls) do a Podcast about UK Hackspaces. They are one episode in and they promise the next one will be a lot better. Thanks to Jake for our logo. You can follow this podcast on twitter!/allthespaces or email on

Click the image to get the podcast… ALL THE PODCAST


Richard Stallman: Free Software for your Freedom

Nottingham Gnu/Linux User Group

and Nottingham University Compsoc


Richard Stallman

Free Software for your Freedom

A non-technical talk by the founder of the Free Software foundation.

Richard Stallman is one of the most influential speakers on the topics of

Freedoms and Free Software.   

 This FREE event is ticket only so please be sure to register HERE

Wednesday 24th August 2011 – 7pm

At the Nottingham Hackspace


Maker Faire Weekend – San Francisco Bay Area

Wishing All Our Lucky Lucky Friends in San Mateo a Wonderful Maker Faire!

In San Mateo, California this weekend 21st & 22nd May 2011 will be what many makers consider to be the highlight of the year.

Several Nottingham Hackspace friends will be there including Jane & James from Sugru, our new friends at PCB-Pool , the Instructables gang as well as some awesome makers we follow like Lynne Brunning, Mitch Altman & Jimmy Rodgers.

You can follow a lot of the action of various live streams from the Maker Faire across the weekend. Who knows maybe some of us will go next year?


Big New Hackspace is Big

So we moved today. Took about 12 hours and lots of help. Thanks especially to Matt, Tony, Hayley, Russell, John, James, David, Jason and Andy.

Comfy Area

Many hands make light work. We’d also like to thank Katey and Matt who brought their van along would have been impossible without you.

The new Hackspace is HUGE it’s possible to have several people in there and not even realise. David and I put wheels onto the bottom of a sofa and where working away at that and someone remarked that doing such a project would have been impossible in the old space and now we were taking up less than 2% of the new space. Don’t believe how big the new space is? Look at this:



We can’t wait for new people to see the space too. We have our first Open Hack Night on Wednesday from 6:30pm


Nottingham Hackspace Needs Your Help

As you may or may not be aware, Nottingham Hackspace’s landlords have been evicted from our current location, meaning we lose our space at the end of April.

This gives us an opportunity to make Nottingham Hackspace even better, but for that we need your help!

The Big Workshop
The Big Workshop

We have found an excellent space for Hackspace2.0, much bigger than our current hackspace, but we need a fairly large initial deposit – £2000.  This is where you come in…

Your can help us by:

  • Sending a donation – the simplest way
  • Becoming a friend of Nottingham Hackspace – have your name immortalised for all time
  • Sponsor part of our new space – name a room in Hackspace2.0

We need to raise this money by the end of April so if you can, please stick your hand down the back of your sofa and donate now!


Bank and PayPal details are at the bottom of this post, simply send us some money and mark it as a donation!

Become a Friend of Nottingham Hackspace

If you become a friend of Nottingham Hackspace, we will list your name on this site, and on a massive display in Hackspace2.0.  This “Friend’s Wall” will form the backdrop of many of our future videos and photos.

Becoming a friend is easy and cheap, with a number of options – basically, the more money you donate, the bigger and more prominent your name on the wall and the website.  You can donate as much as you like, and we will ensure that everyone’s “per £” is the same.

Sponsor Hackspace2.0

The Big Studio
The Big Studio

We have three rooms to name in the space, and you could name them.  For £1000 you can name the really big room,  for £750 for can name second largest room and for £500 you can name largest office space or the kitchen.  Please contact us at to arrange this.

Becoming a friend is easy and cheap, with a number of options – basically, the more money you donate, the bigger and more prominent your name on the wall and the website.  You can donate as much as you like, and we will ensure that everyone’s “per £” is the same.

Sending Us Money

Our preferred method would be bank transfer, using these details:

< Old details removed >

Please make sure you include your name in the Reference, along with a D for donation or F for Friend

You can also donate with PayPal by sending us a personal gift to < no longer available> , or clicking the button below.  Please put whether it is a donation or you are becoming a friend in the message.