Big New Hackspace is Big

So we moved today. Took about 12 hours and lots of help. Thanks especially to Matt, Tony, Hayley, Russell, John, James, David, Jason and Andy.

Comfy Area

Many hands make light work. We’d also like to thank Katey and Matt who brought their van along would have been impossible without you.

The new Hackspace is HUGE it’s possible to have several people in there and not even realise. David and I put wheels onto the bottom of a sofa and where working away at that and someone remarked that doing such a project would have been impossible in the old space and now we were taking up less than 2% of the new space. Don’t believe how big the new space is? Look at this:



We can’t wait for new people to see the space too. We have our first Open Hack Night on Wednesday from 6:30pm

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