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Nearly a year ago now, Nottingham Hackspace ran a pledge drive to aquire a second hand vending machine, and after a number of generous pledges, bought a Westomatic with a faulty refrigeration unit and no coin mechanism.  With boundless enthusiasm, it was declared that we would build a RFID system to allow members to buy “things” from the machine with their membership card.

Daniel, Reprap Matt and James got to it, and just 11 months on, we now have a fully working vending machine!  During that time a coin mechanism was bought and installed, the refrigeration unit was completely disabled and a shiny new RFID unit was designed, built and installed.  It now integrates with Snackspace in the kitchen to allow members to manage how much they owe to the hackspace and will eventually update members automatically each month with how much they owe.

The vending machine is still a little empty, but Doc Little is fixing that as we speak.  In the next few weeks it will fill up with kits and bits, at the very least it will contain:

  • Sugru of various colours
  • Bat detector kit
  • TV-B-Gone kit
  • Flashy badge kit
  • Minimus AVR
  • Xino Arduino clone (soldered)
  • MiniPOV kit

More details, and eventually the full code and schematic for the cashless device, can be found on ourwiki, and you can see the cashless device in all it’s glory below.

Guts of the Machine
RFID Reader
Events Workshops

Keep Calm & Solder On

Announcing the 1st Monthly Social Soldering Night – Kit £10 Free to attend

Soldering Night is a new regular meet up at the Hackspace. Each month a different soldering kit will be made available (at the best possible price) for you to solder.

The kits will be ideal for all levels of experience. This regular monthly event is aimed at the beginner and the more experienced.

Help and instruction will be provided where needed. All the tools you need will be on hand too.

This months kit will be the Drawdio adapted from the original design by Jay Silver. It is an oscillator that uses the graphite in a pencil and your body to make the circuit.

We hope that the monthly Soldering Night will become a social fixture in your calendar… We’ll aim to get some really interesting kits in!

Register for this event NOW!

General Group Project

Third in the Cupcake Challenge

We came in third! Check out the winner announcement video below.

Group Project

Opening the Nottinghack Cupcake at LVL1 Louisville

You have to check this awesome video of the official cupcake opening. Comments indicate that the cupcake was “surprisingly unstale” and had condensation on it after taking about 2 weeks to get to LVL1 Hackerspace in Louisville Kentucky USA.

The whole Cupcake Challenge has been a great success and we hope to have more involvement with LVL1 in the future!

Open Hack Night Workshops

How To Workshop: Make a Circuit Board

6:30pm 26th January 2011

Get the basics of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacture from Nottinghack’s Matt Little (from our Soldering & Drawdio Workshops).

There are many processes and techniques for making a printed circuit board (PCB).
In this session Matt will guide you through his process for making PCBs

Matt uses a mixture of home-made and bought tools. He will highlight some of the problems and share some of the tips and tricks he’s uses.

You will get to create and keep a circuit board for a simple LED flashing circuit (components included).

The circuit board layout is made using the open source software called KiCad (for both Linux and Windows). If you have a (small) circuit you would like created then bring along your completed PCB design and we can make that with you!

General Open Hack Night

Global Hackerspace Cupcake Challenge

The Challenge is to mail spending less than $50 a cake to another Hackspace that is at least 1000 miles away… It should taste great and arrive in pristine condition.

Our challenge partner Hackerspace is LVL1 the Louisville Hackerspace in Kentucky USA. They are nice folk and well worth a follow on Twitter @lvl1hackerspace

Group Project Hackspace Equipment Pledge Tools

Desktop DIY CNC Machine

We’re taking pledges for this desktop CNC machine as seen on

If you’d like to contribute please send a PERSONAL GIFT to our Paypal account.

Watch video here