Hack the Space Weekend: 8th-10th Feb 2019

Join the 2019 Hack the space weekend. Lots of jobs to do. Proposed shutdown will be on 18:00 on Friday 8th February till 18:00 Sunday 10th February.

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Electronics area relocated

The electronics stations have been moved downstairs into Hackspace 2.5.

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Nearly a year ago, Nottingham Hackspace aquired a second hand vending machine. It’s now fully working and members can pay using their membership cards.

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Myford Super 7 Lathe

A great sign of just how much Nottingham Hackspace has grown over the last 12 months is that it took less than a week to go from one random suggestion of getting a metal lathe to actually having one!

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Folksy Rulers

One of the things I’m always looking for at the hackspace is a ruler, and we’ve definitely been short of them. I had a word with the people at Folksy, and they sent us a bunch of lovely metal edged wooden ones. Thanks! Folksy is a UK based marketplace for crafters to sell their stuff; […]

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I finally got around to hacking all of the laser parts off the laser scissors we used for Tea & Lasers at GameCity last year. Having a bandsaw makes it a lot easier, and we now have a lot of spare pairs of scissors. A part of this was also testing the red laser diodes […]

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LED Matrix

Everybody loves LED and hackers are no exception! At our first open hack day on Saturday, Michael dropped off an LED matrix unit normally used in motorway signs.  16 x 16 bi-colour LEDs – 256 green-yellow and red flashing lights! In fact, he dropped off eight units!  2056 LEDs! Each unit has two identical connectors, […]

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Desktop DIY CNC Machine

We’re taking pledges for this desktop CNC machine as seen on kickstarter.com. If you’d like to contribute please send a PERSONAL GIFT to our Paypal account. paypal@nottinghack.org.uk Watch video here PROJECT NOW FUNDED!

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