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Hack the Space Weekend: 8th-10th Feb 2019

[See further details on the wiki]

Message from the trustees

Dear Member,

Recently we have been discussing within the teams and membership that a number of large jobs have been on the list for a considerable amount of time. The Trustees along with the teams have decided that we have enough jobs now to run a “hack the space” weekend. The purpose of this would be shutting the space during this time where no members other than volunteers of this weekend will be permitted to use the space. This will cover both upstairs and downstairs, the following jobs are currently in the plan.

  • Replacement of studio floor

  • Redesigning the Large Project Storage Area

  • Reorganise comfy area including rewiring of speakers

  • Checklist of tools and PAT testing

  • Electrics within the workshop (replacing lights) etc

  • 2.5 jobs TBC

The Trustees request that all teams please keep thinking on what else needs completing and a wiki page will be set up so members can see the job list, place their names against the jobs and the times they can volunteer their time.

Our proposed shutdown will be on 18:00 on Friday 8th February till 18:00 Sunday 10th February.

As you are aware the Trustees are also taking a break for Christmas so I remind members that it make take some time to get any questions answered during this time. I will be taking point on this project and making sure that we have enough people to do the jobs along with materials ordering and liaising with Teams to make sure everyone can have a great day and take part.

If you have any questions you can email the trustees or myself directly. [addresses in Google Group post]

I look forward to posting more information in the near future.


James Adams On behalf of the Trustees

[See Google Groups post and details on the wiki]

General Hackspace Equipment

Electronics area relocated

The electronics stations have been moved downstairs into Hackspace 2.5.

The test instruments, tools, small component storage and cable racks have also been moved. In the next fortnight a breakfast bar style storage unit will be constructed down the middle of the room between electronics and CNC. Members will find that the lighting is much better. Use your normal RFID card to gain access.

Hackspace Equipment Pledge


Nearly a year ago now, Nottingham Hackspace ran a pledge drive to aquire a second hand vending machine, and after a number of generous pledges, bought a Westomatic with a faulty refrigeration unit and no coin mechanism.  With boundless enthusiasm, it was declared that we would build a RFID system to allow members to buy “things” from the machine with their membership card.

Daniel, Reprap Matt and James got to it, and just 11 months on, we now have a fully working vending machine!  During that time a coin mechanism was bought and installed, the refrigeration unit was completely disabled and a shiny new RFID unit was designed, built and installed.  It now integrates with Snackspace in the kitchen to allow members to manage how much they owe to the hackspace and will eventually update members automatically each month with how much they owe.

The vending machine is still a little empty, but Doc Little is fixing that as we speak.  In the next few weeks it will fill up with kits and bits, at the very least it will contain:

  • Sugru of various colours
  • Bat detector kit
  • TV-B-Gone kit
  • Flashy badge kit
  • Minimus AVR
  • Xino Arduino clone (soldered)
  • MiniPOV kit

More details, and eventually the full code and schematic for the cashless device, can be found on ourwiki, and you can see the cashless device in all it’s glory below.

Guts of the Machine
RFID Reader
Hackspace Equipment Pledge Tools

Myford Super 7 Lathe

A great sign of just how much Nottingham Hackspace has grown over the last 12 months is that it took less than a week to go from one random suggestion of getting a metal lathe. All the way though to a pledge drive that raised £260 to actual having our own Myford Super 7 metal lathe!

General Hackspace Equipment

Folksy Rulers

Folksy Rulers

One of the things I’m always looking for at the hackspace is a ruler, and we’ve definitely been short of them. I had a word with the people at Folksy, and they sent us a bunch of lovely metal edged wooden ones. Thanks!

Folksy is a UK based marketplace for crafters to sell their stuff; you can find out a bit more about them here. They’re based in Sheffield, they’re an all round nice bunch of people, and they really believe in handmade stuff. It’s not just a listings site with a craft aesthetic; it’s designed from the ground up for crafters, artists and designers.

Hackspace Equipment Lasers


I finally got around to hacking all of the laser parts off the laser scissors we used for Tea & Lasers at GameCity last year. Having a bandsaw makes it a lot easier, and we now have a lot of spare pairs of scissors.

A part of this was also testing the red laser diodes that came out of them. We now have a set of very bright ones ready to go into the next version, and will be building it over the next few months. There are a lot of ways we could improve on the last iteration, one being sensors and beams that are easier to position. I’ll make sure to put what we build up on instructables.

In the meantime, anyone want any scissors?

Hackspace Equipment

LED Matrix

LED MatrixEverybody loves LED and hackers are no exception!

At our first open hack day on Saturday, Michael dropped off an LED matrix unit normally used in motorway signs.  16 x 16 bi-colour LEDs – 256 green-yellow and red flashing lights!

In fact, he dropped off eight units!  2056 LEDs!

Each unit has two identical connectors, IN and OUT, which allow them to be chained together and controlled as one.  Each unit still requires it’s one power supply.

The possibilities of these are pretty exciting!  My electronics-fu is nowhere near good enough to work out how to use them, but I have created a wiki page and uploaded the datasheet and a few different pictures.

Get playing!

Group Project Hackspace Equipment Pledge Tools

Desktop DIY CNC Machine

We’re taking pledges for this desktop CNC machine as seen on

If you’d like to contribute please send a PERSONAL GIFT to our Paypal account.

Watch video here