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Pyrography Workshops with Bob Neill: Sat 19th Oct 2019

In this workshop, hosted by Bob Neill, you’ll be learning the ancient art of Pyrography. Bob is a skilled pyrographer and is visiting us for one morning only from his workshop in Aston-on-Trent, Derbyshire. At this workshop Bob will show us some Pyrography techniques and you will have a hands-on opportunity to practice your new skill.

Come, have fun and learn something new!

The word Pyrography comes from the greek words Pur and Graphos; the word roughly translates to Fire Writing! How cool is that?


Events Workshops

Workshops galore! Sat 21st Sept & Sat 12th Oct 2019

Why not sign up for one of these brilliant short workshops running at the hackspace?

Make a Macrame Flowerpot Holder

Macrame is the practice of knotting & tying strings into patterns to make decorative pieces. In this 2 hour workshop, Caroline will teach you some of the key techniques used in Macrame and you will make a beautiful hanging plant pot holder knotted with a beehive pattern. All of the material will be provided, you just need to bring yourself.

Times, prices and tickets on Eventbrite.

Cosplay Fairy Pixie Wing Workshops

Join us at the Hackspace where Amber will be guiding you through the process of making you’re very own set of fairy wings for cosplay outfits. All of the material will be provided, you just need to bring yourself.

Times, prices and tickets on Eventbrite.

Paper Stencil Screen Printing

In this 3 hour workshop led by Sarah Holden, you will learn how to make two colour, paper stencil screen prints. You will be shown how to cut your own stencils using a scalpel, how to mix colours and what inks to use. By the end of the workshop you will be printing your own designs onto totebags that you can then take home!

Times, prices and tickets on Eventbrite.

More details of all Nottinghack’s Workshops can be found on Eventbrite.
Events Workshops

Learn to make your own soap on Sunday, 19 June

Learn to make your own soap using the traditional cold process method on Sunday, 19 June, from 1:00 – 4:00.

You’ll be able to create your own six-bar block of coloured and scented soap from a mixture of coconut oil, lard or palm oil, olive oil, and lye water. You pick the scents and colours.

All materials are supplied, and you get to keep the mould to re-use again.

Detailed written instructions and recipes are provided, and you’ll also learn how to adapt recipes or create new ones using online soap calculators. Information on packaging, labelling, and selling legislation will also be included, if you’re thinking of starting your own soap business.

Tickets are £27.57, including Eventbrite themes, and are on sale now.

Please note: The lye water (sodium hydroxide solution) is very caustic, so goggles and gloves must be worn while the soap is in a liquid state. Please wear old clothes or a lab coat.

Events Workshops

Learn to make foam armour on Saturday, 14 May

Learn to create armour and props from foam, creating your own bracer pair or a segmented pauldron.

This workshop on Saturday, 14th May, will focus on how to create foam armour fast, including priming and painting. You’ll learn how to cut, shape, decorate, weather, prime, paint, and mount your armour.

All skill levels are welcome, whether you’re brand new to crafting or a seasoned propsmith.

The workshop will run from 11am until 4pm, and includes all materials and a tour of the Hackspace.

Tickets are £22.29, including Eventbrite fees, and are on sale now.

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Rope Making Workshop

Tue 11th Feb 7PM

Rope MakingAt Derby Maker Faire last November, Derby Makers showed us their amazing rope making machine!

On Tuesday the 11th Feb, they will be invading Nottingham Hackspace with their machine, and showing us how to make our own!

This workshop is aimed at  all ages and is a very interesting lesson in learning how rope works!

The Derby Makers will send us the instructions for the rope maker and we’ll try and make one ourselves from stuff in the workshop (we’ll check the ingredients first and get any we’re missing in time for the visit).
We hope you can make it along to this great event!

This is a PAY WHAT YOU FEEL event, with a donation pot to cover costs.

Events Workshops

Light-Up Christmas Card Workshop

Bare Conductive Light-Up Christmas Card

Learn how to use Bare Conductive paint and make a neat Christmas card in this fun workshop on Saturday, 14 December, from 1pm to 4pm.

Bare Conductive paint is electrically conductive, giving you a great way to make circuits without needing to know how to solder or how to use a soldering iron. Non-toxic and fun, you’ll be able to make a light-up Christmas card in this workshop with a bright Christmas-themed card, flashing LED light, and battery included for each participant.

The workshop is open to all ages, and will cost only £7. Only 15 places are open, so please book now to avoid disappointment.

To book your space on the workshop, visit our Eventbrite page!

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Fun With Shrink Plastic Workshop

Shrink Plastic

Join us on Saturday, 16 March, in our Shrink Plastic Workshop.

Shrink plastic is a piece of plastic that you can stamp, trace or draw an image on, colour it in using coloured pencils or markers, then it’s shrunk down in the oven to a fine-detailed firm plastic piece that can be used as a mobile phone charm, keychain, brooch, magnet, pendant and more.

In this workshop, you’ll receive at least one A6 piece of frosted shrink plastic, full instructions, and use of the markers and coloured pencils in the space, to make any number of small items.

This workshop is all ages, with parental accompaniment required.

There will be a small range of images you can trace from, but if you have a particular style in mind, please bring it in.

This workshop will cost £5 and will include the shrink plastic, use of the markers and pencils, any fixings you want to attach it to things, free tea or coffee, and a tour of the hackspace.

To sign up for the workshop, see our Eventbrite page.

If you have any questions, get in touch with Kate on

Events Lasers Workshops

Rubber Stamp Workshop on Thursday, 21 February

Rubber Stamp

Learn how to turn your image into a laser-cut rubber stamp in this informative workshop, run by Dr. Matt Little, on Thursday, 21 February, from 7pm – 9pm.

Bold, single-colour images work best for rubber stamps, giving you a quick way to mark cards, labels, books, fabric, and more!

For £5, you will receive materials to make one stamp, including stamp pad, laser-ready rubber, and wood to create a handle. Materials to make larger stamps will also be available for purchase.

There are limited spaces available for this workshop, so please contact Matt at to book your place.

For more information on the process, see our Wiki page on Laser Stamps. And if you have any questions, talk to Matt at

Events Workshops

Leathercraft Workshop on Saturday, 23 February

Slim Leather Wallet

Learn how to make a leather wallet, gadget case, key fob or mouse mat in this informative all-day workshop run by Jake Howe on Saturday, 23 February.

Leather is an effective and strong material to work with, ideal for long-lasting and thoughtful gifts.

At the workshop, you can make:

  • Slim Leather Wallet
    With a design that uses only a single piece, this slim wallet has a notes pocket, room for around 8 cards, and the option for priority cards.
  • Leather Gadget Case
    A nicely formed case designed to fit your phone or similar-sized object perfectly. Involves making a wooden “dummy” version, then fitting wet leather around that dummy.
  • Leather Key Fob
    A small and personalised key chain made by fitting wet leather around a small piece of wood or hardboard.
  • Leather Mouse Mat
    Leather gets smoother the more you use it, making it an ideal surface for a mouse mat, and it’s made by fitting wet leather around hardboard for a one-of-a-kind mouse mat.

And if you don’t want to make something with leather, there is also the option for an oil cloth wallet, using brightly patterned waterproof oil cloth to create a unique and attractive slim wallet.

The workshop will run from 11am to 4pm, and will cost £10, which includes leather or oil cloth and a pinpoint punch awl, ideal for working with leather or thick cloth. The workshop will also have free tea or coffee and a tour of the Nottingham Hackspace.

Register for the workshop now!

Events Workshops

Body Scrub and Bath Bomb Workshop on Monday, 3rd December

Bath Bomb

Come to the Craft Night workshop on making body scrubs and bath bombs on Monday, 3rd December, starting at 7pm.

In this workshop, you will be taking everyday household items such as oil, sugar, baking soda, citric acid, and fragances to make two items that are fantastic as gifts.

The workshop will cost £5, and will include all the items needed to make a small jar of body scrub and/or a bath bomb.

Registration is on the day, and feel free to bring your own fragances, dried flowers, or other items to add to your body scrub or bath bomb.

If you have any questions, please contact the workshop organiser, Kate, at