See Nottingham Hackspace at the Nottingham Green Festival


Nottingham Hackspace will be at the 22nd annual Nottingham Green Festival on Sunday, 1 September.

Promoting recycling, nature, organic food, fair trade and ethical living, the Green Festival is at Arboretum Park, a short walk from Nottingham city centre.

The Hackspace will be there with flyers, members’ projects, and fun things for visitors to do, from 12:00 to 18:00.


At the Nottingham Green Festival

The Nottingham Hackspace stand at the Green Festival
The Hackspace stand at the Green Festival

Nottingham Hackspace was proud to take part in the 2012 Nottingham Green Festival, an annual celebration of everything environmentally friendly, taking place at the Arboretum on Sunday, 10th June.

Along with flyers and information about the hackspace and upcoming events, we also had Bee Hotels for sale and Hackspace member Matt Little‘s creations – a solar-powered sound system and a child-powered bubble machine.

The bubble machine was a hit with children of all ages, giving them an introduction to how pedalling a bicycle could produce enough electrical energy to run a small fan and rotating bubble wand.


Examples of Bee Hotels
Bee Hotels created at the Green Festival

The Bee Hotels, made from pieces of bamboo and cardboard tubes, were also a success. Providing shelter for solitary bees, bee hotels provide shelter and protection for the 220 species of wild bees in the UK.

If you missed your chance to see the Hackspace at the Green Festival, we will also be at the Sneinton Market on Saturday, 30th June, as part of the annual Sneinton Festival.