How To Workshop: Make a Circuit Board

6:30pm 26th January 2011

Get the basics of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacture from Nottinghack’s Matt Little (from our Soldering & Drawdio Workshops).

There are many processes and techniques for making a printed circuit board (PCB).
In this session Matt will guide you through his process for making PCBs

Matt uses a mixture of home-made and bought tools. He will highlight some of the problems and share some of the tips and tricks he’s uses.

You will get to create and keep a circuit board for a simple LED flashing circuit (components included).

The circuit board layout is made using the open source software called KiCad (for both Linux and Windows). If you have a (small) circuit you would like created then bring along your completed PCB design and we can make that with you!

This session will cost £8. In this session we will develop and make the circuit board and (if time) you can solder up the circuit to create a simple LED flasher. All tools supplied.

Please do tell us about your own PCB manufacture methods

Don’t want to make a circuit board? It’s Open Hack Night so please do come and join us that’s FREE as always! Only pay if you take part in the workshop!

You can reserve a place on this workshop here

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