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Retro Computing Evening

Commodore PET

Nottingham Hackspace now has a regular Retro Computing Evening, on every third Thursday of the month.

If you enjoy retro computing or retro gaming, with everything from modern-day homebrew Sinclair computers to Apple II and Commodore PETS, then this is the evening for you. We’ve played with Amigas, Raspberry Pi emulators, and more.

Bring in your working computers, projects, or emulators, and enjoy the evening!

Open to members and non-members alike, the retro computing evening starts at 7pm.

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Nottingham Hackspace Photographers


Designed for anyone with an interest in photography or interested in getting more involved with photography, this group discusses the best ways to take photos, reviews photos taken, and generally talks about cameras and other photography-related topics.

We no longer run the Photography Group. There is however loads of awesome photography stuff going on in Nottingham still. If you ask the folks at London Camera Exchange they have plenty of recommendations.

Open Hack Night

Open Night in Photos

Photos from last nights open hack night.

Looking at the slide we will be using to build our new laser cutter.


The beginnings of a real world video game


Colouring and the start of a dart board clock


The internals of a real life loveable BMO from Adventure time


A cape for a convention outfit


Fixing a laptop hinge



Making a new ground sheet for a tent



Our Open Nights are every Wednesday evening, from 6.30pm onwards.

These photos are just a taste of the varied projects you can see people working on. As always, if you plan to come along, be sure to bring a project with you.