Day of CNC and CAD

Join us on Saturday 21st April for a day of learning about CAD packages and CNC machines.

Tickets are £10 including booking fee, and will include some CAD training as well as the ability to make what you draw on a CNC machine. There will be some experienced people around, as well as a few machines to play with.
Please book a place on this via eventbrite.

From 12:00 – around 18:00 on the day, you’ll be taught to draw with free CAD package DraftSight ( ), then make a simple maze puzzle to take home. The training part will include generally useful techniques for making more complex shapes out of simpler ones, which to an extent will carry over to any other packages you pick up later.
Please bring a laptop if you have one. If you don’t but you’d still like to come and learn, let me know and we’ll see what we can do. We will also have copies of DraftSight there, but it’s free and if you have it downloaded and installed already, that would be handy.
Events Workshops

Bat Listener workshop

2012 is international year of the bat: Get listening to these amazing creatures with the bat detector.

A workshop to build a bat detector will run on Tuesday 10th April 2012. Starting at 7pm. This workshop will cost £20 and include all components, professional circuit board, instruction and guidance to build your own. Learn to solder: no experience required.

Details of the design are here on the wiki.


BikeHood, April and May

BikeHood is not just about getting your bike repaired, but learning how to look after it yourself. It’s been going from strength to strength, and we’re on hand to teach and help you get your bike up and running. Even the most complex bits of bicycles aren’t so scary when you’ve got them apart and know how to put them back together.

As well as work stands and a large selection of bike tools, we have resident experts ready to help you fix your bike and get it back on the road (or the trails). Whether you’re a complete beginner or an old hand, you’ll find a friendly group of mechanics and cyclists with a well equipped workshop. Though future events will be ticketed, all we’re asking for now is a voluntary donation to the Hackspace in return for us helping you to fix your bike.

(Creative Commons photo by A Long, Lone Run)

Events General

Global Game Jam 2012

The Hackspace recently acted as a Global Gamejam 2012 venue, with about 25 people descending on the space for the weekend to make games.

In case you don’t know much about the making games, modern console games take between eighteen and twenty-four months to create. The challenge of the Global Game Jam is that these teams had just two days to make something, so… a pretty tight deadline! We had seven teams compete in all, including local companies IndieSkies and Nerf Games.

As well as myself (David H), hackspace members Andrew Armstong and Andy Thorpe helped to make sure everything ran smoothly. While the teams cracked on with their projects, we also played quite a bit of Johann Sebastian Joust. Below are shots and a video from a couple of the projects.

Hackspace Equipment Pledge Tools

Myford Super 7 Lathe

A great sign of just how much Nottingham Hackspace has grown over the last 12 months is that it took less than a week to go from one random suggestion of getting a metal lathe. All the way though to a pledge drive that raised £260 to actual having our own Myford Super 7 metal lathe!


Hack ALL the Spaces!

**Stop Press** You can now access all of the podcasts at

Founder members Kate (@KateMonkey) and Dominic (@ChickenGrylls) do a Podcast about UK Hackspaces. They are one episode in and they promise the next one will be a lot better. Thanks to Jake for our logo. You can follow this podcast on twitter!/allthespaces or email on

Click the image to get the podcast… ALL THE PODCAST


BikeHood: Bike maintenance workshop at the Hackspace

Criitcal Mass, Vancouver

Among the facilities we’ve been building at the new Hackpsace are cycle parking and repair. We’ll be using them this Saturday to host BikeHood (Web, Facebook) and run a bike maintenance workshop. It takes place from 12:00 – 15:00, Saturday the 17th of September.

Everyone from beginners to experienced mechanics are welcome, and you don’t even need to have a bike to learn the basics of how to look after one. If you bring your bike down, we’ll be happy to help you diagnose any problems and fix it if possible. If you don’t have a bike or leave it at home, we can still show you the rudiments of maintaining one. In terms of tools, we have pretty much everything except a wheel truing stand.

It’s open to members and non-members alike. It’s more of a surgery than a workshop, in that we’ll deal with each bike on a case by case basis. Because of that, rather than have a fixed workshop price like most events, all we ask is that if you learn or fix something you make a small donation to the hackspace.

Again, that’s from 12:00 – 15:00, Saturday the 17th of September. Come down and we’ll teach you about bikes.

(CC image by drpritch)