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“Blinky Grid” Scrolling LED workshop

This is a hands-on workshop to create a pretty darn cool scrolling LED display. Its just in time for Xmas messages and easily re-programmable for future use.

Its programmable via light (!) via a simple web interface.

Its a surface mount kit from Edinburgh Hacklab and based upon this kit by Wayne and Layne:


Its a way of learning to solder surface mount components and get something great at the end.

It will be quite a bit of soldering, so the time taken to build it might be a bit variable. Due to this its not totally suitable for younger folk, unless they have a pretty good attention span.

This workshop is £12 including all parts and me to help guide getting it working.(Plus booking fee, sorry).

Please sign up here:

Any questions please email me:

Events Workshops

Screen Printing Workshop

On Thursday 5th December, learn to screen print and to make your own screens at Nottingham screenprintHackspace.

In this workshop Becky, Matt and Dominic will show the process of making a screen and printing onto different materials (paper and fabric). This will include cleaning screens, applying and removing photo-emulsion, creating an image and techniques for making good prints. You will take home some of your own prints.

This workshop will run from 7pm onwards.

Cost: £6

Book here:

This can be a messy process, so please wear old clothes.

Any questions at all then please email:

Events Workshops

‘Build a kit for Xmas’ night – Thursday 13 December

Wanting to find that perfect Christmas present? Want to give something that you have made?

At this workshop on Thursday, 13 December, you can learn how to build any of the kits available, from Drawdios to RGD lights to Bat Detectors!

We will also have Marble Runs and more available!

This session will run from 7pm onwards, and the only cost will be the cost of the kits. People will be there to help you learn how to solder and build, ensuring that your kit is running perfectly.


Build a TV-B-Gone

The TV-B-Gone was created by uber hacker Mitch Altman. It is designed to send the ‘off’ code to the vast majority of TVs from a distance of up to 30m. The idea was taken and turned into an open design by Adafruit Industries. This kit has been improved to give much better range and switch off more TVs.

With this device you can create your own small amount of mayhem, switching off TVs which have been left on or are advertising pointless things.

This workshop will be a guided soldering session to build and includes a full kit of parts and a professional circuit board. Its a pretty simple kit so is great for beginner soldering.The workshop will be on Tuesday 8th May from 7:30pm. The cost is £12. Bring 3 x AAA batteries (rechargables best) if you want to use it on your way home.

A link to more circuit information and the instructions on the wiki is here.

It is also a nice introduction to the world of small microcontrollers and I can explain the process of programming micrcontrollers (not via a bootloader, like the Arduino).



Make a rubber stamp workshop

In this rubber stamp workshop you will take your image, adjust it to turn it into a stamp, cut it out on rubber using the laser cutter and make a handle out of wood.

This workshop will run on Thursday 26th April from 7-9pm.
Its going to be £5 which includes enough materials to make one stamp (around 3cm x 4cm), ink pad and time on the laser cutter.
If you would like, we will have materials available to make larger stamps.

Check out the wiki for more information on the process.

I’d really like to know numbers on this one, as I have to buy in the stamp pads, so please either reply to this thread, or email me ( to book a place. Numbers are limited as we only have one laser cutter, so please let me know.


Day of CNC and CAD

Join us on Saturday 21st April for a day of learning about CAD packages and CNC machines.

Tickets are £10 including booking fee, and will include some CAD training as well as the ability to make what you draw on a CNC machine. There will be some experienced people around, as well as a few machines to play with.
Please book a place on this via eventbrite.

From 12:00 – around 18:00 on the day, you’ll be taught to draw with free CAD package DraftSight ( ), then make a simple maze puzzle to take home. The training part will include generally useful techniques for making more complex shapes out of simpler ones, which to an extent will carry over to any other packages you pick up later.
Please bring a laptop if you have one. If you don’t but you’d still like to come and learn, let me know and we’ll see what we can do. We will also have copies of DraftSight there, but it’s free and if you have it downloaded and installed already, that would be handy.
Events Workshops

Bat Listener workshop

2012 is international year of the bat: Get listening to these amazing creatures with the bat detector.

A workshop to build a bat detector will run on Tuesday 10th April 2012. Starting at 7pm. This workshop will cost £20 and include all components, professional circuit board, instruction and guidance to build your own. Learn to solder: no experience required.

Details of the design are here on the wiki.