Build a TV-B-Gone

The TV-B-Gone was created by uber hacker Mitch Altman. It is designed to send the ‘off’ code to the vast majority of TVs from a distance of up to 30m. The idea was taken and turned into an open design by Adafruit Industries. This kit has been improved to give much better range and switch off more TVs.

With this device you can create your own small amount of mayhem, switching off TVs which have been left on or are advertising pointless things.

This workshop will be a guided soldering session to build and includes a full kit of parts and a professional circuit board. Its a pretty simple kit so is great for beginner soldering.The workshop will be on Tuesday 8th May from 7:30pm. The cost is £12. Bring 3 x AAA batteries (rechargables best) if you want to use it on your way home.

A link to more circuit information and the instructions on the wiki is here.

It is also a nice introduction to the world of small microcontrollers and I can explain the process of programming micrcontrollers (not via a bootloader, like the Arduino).