What’s On – July at Hackspace

We’ve got plenty of events on in July why not sign up for a few?


Craft Group HAS CAKE!

Our new craft night “Sew Much Fun” will be on the 1st and 3rd Monday’s of the month starting at 7pm.

Monday 4th July 7pm is Sock Bunnies night (£5 on the night includes kit).

Monday 18th July 7pm is Intro to Knitting (£5 on the night includes all kit needed)

For more information on Sew Much Fun and for future dates and OPEN CRAFTING EVENTS go to HERE! See the SEW MUCH FUN photo set on FLICKR


We call the Lock Picking a sport but really every lock is a puzzle that challenges the mind and the finger. We have an extensive collection of locks and our resident expert Tony will get you started showing you everything you need to know to start picking. All picks provided at the workshop.

Lock Picking – Tuesday 5th July 6pm or Saturday 9th July 12pm

Please register for these events here


Master mailmaker Martin Raynsford returns:  

The workshop will be £8 and provide all the rings you will need to get started. You will be shown how to make

Full Persian Chain
Byzantine Chain
Inverted Round Chain
or just how to get started in the rewarding (and rather addictive) creative pastime. Perfect to keep hands busy whilst watching television.




FAMILY FUN Saturday 16th July 11am – 4pm Drop-In

Lots to do for all ages. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

Including: Banana DNA extraction!


A major event in July will be BarCamp Nottingham. 30 hours of unconference starting on 23rd July 2011. Click the image above to find out more.

… and don’t forget we have Open Hack Night every Wednesday from 6:30pm, there are members in the space most evenings and weekends. You can find out more by following us on twitter @HSNOTTS or by joining our public Google Group.

Events Group Project Workshops

Hack in the Park – Green’s Mill

Sneinton Festival Launch Picnic At The Mill

25 June
11am – 4pm

Free, Small charge for face painting

Bring a picnic and come along to the Sneinton Festival launch day. Kite making, Face painting, Viking games and crafts. This event launches a week of activities for Sneinton Festival. Look out for the festival programme for details.


The Nottingham Hackspace will provide a Pin Hole Camera and Soldering table at the Sneinton Festival Launch at Green’s Mill Sneinton

As well as a quick soldering lesson on our Flashy  Badges (£2 each all tools and tuition provided take about 5 – 10 minutes).

We’ll be showing you how to make a Pin Hole Sunrise Camera.

What is a pinhole camera?

A pinhole camera is an empty container containing a sheet of light sendsitive paper. In the side, under some black tape, is a tiny hole, which forms and image like a lens.

A pinhole camera will take a photograph of the sun travelling across the sky for a period of up to 6 months! It captures the arc of the sun as it rises from spring until summer.

You’ll be shown how to make the camera and given all the parts you need!

Taking a photo

Find a position for the camera pointing south towards the Sun. Use a compass if you are not sure.  Choose a date to start, the Summer solstice for instance on the 21st June 2011.

Fix the camera sturdily in position. It needs to cope with the weather and with nature!

Sunrise Project Flickr Collection belonging to Knowle West Media Centre




Aaron & Ollie’s Nott Cast 2

We get a good mention on the Nott Cast this week. Ollie and Aaron talk about the Hackspace, the Khan Academy, 37 signals and a load of other stuff.


Nott Cast #2 from Aaron Cottrell on Vimeo.

and they made a video at the open day too. Thanks lads!

Events Hackspace as venue

Open Day Photos

Sunday was marvellous! Our thanks to everyone that came. There’s a photoset of the whole day up here on Flickr.

Nottinghack badge by Beta Layout.

As well as the facilities of Nottingham Hackspace being on show, we also had members demonstrating various projects, including Matt Little’s pedal powered smoothie maker, a soldering table where you could both learn to solder and make kits, Matt Lloyd’s RepRap 3D printer, Jake Howe’s various noisemakers and props, demonstrations of lockpicking and chainmail weaving, and a whole load more. See them all in the flickr set.

We’d especially like to thank Beta Layout for producing the Nottinghack badge we used for teaching people to solder, and the members of Northackton and Leeds hackspaces who brought and set up other projects. Inlcuded in those were Leeds’ remote controlled robots to play tag with via webcam, and Martin from Northackton demonstrating how to make props and chainmail, with some fantastic pieces of his own including a 30,000 ring chainmail shirt.

If you missed it, don’t worry, we’re sure to be doing this again in the coming year.

Events General Hackspace as venue

Open Day 29th May – Meet the Hackers

We’re looking forward to showing you the Hackspace! We’ll be open to the public from about 10:00am

There will be lots to see and do:

  • Kinnect Hacks
  • Knitting Machine
  • 3D Printer
  • Lots of projects to see
  • Meet Cheesoid
  • Presentations and talks/Slideshow
  • Try lock picking
  • Solder a “Flashy Badge” with us (£2)
  • Pick up the events schedule

Lots more making and hacking too! If you are coming from another Hackspace or as an invited maker there will be a party (not open to the general public) from 4pm onwards. See you there!



Maker Faire Weekend – San Francisco Bay Area

Wishing All Our Lucky Lucky Friends in San Mateo a Wonderful Maker Faire!

In San Mateo, California this weekend 21st & 22nd May 2011 will be what many makers consider to be the highlight of the year.

Several Nottingham Hackspace friends will be there including Jane & James from Sugru, our new friends at PCB-Pool , the Instructables gang as well as some awesome makers we follow like Lynne Brunning, Mitch Altman & Jimmy Rodgers.

You can follow a lot of the action of various live streams from the Maker Faire across the weekend. Who knows maybe some of us will go next year?

Events Workshops

Keep Calm & Solder On

Announcing the 1st Monthly Social Soldering Night – Kit £10 Free to attend

Soldering Night is a new regular meet up at the Hackspace. Each month a different soldering kit will be made available (at the best possible price) for you to solder.

The kits will be ideal for all levels of experience. This regular monthly event is aimed at the beginner and the more experienced.

Help and instruction will be provided where needed. All the tools you need will be on hand too.

This months kit will be the Drawdio adapted from the original design by Jay Silver. It is an oscillator that uses the graphite in a pencil and your body to make the circuit.

We hope that the monthly Soldering Night will become a social fixture in your calendar… We’ll aim to get some really interesting kits in!

Register for this event NOW!


Big New Hackspace is Big

So we moved today. Took about 12 hours and lots of help. Thanks especially to Matt, Tony, Hayley, Russell, John, James, David, Jason and Andy.

Comfy Area

Many hands make light work. We’d also like to thank Katey and Matt who brought their van along would have been impossible without you.

The new Hackspace is HUGE it’s possible to have several people in there and not even realise. David and I put wheels onto the bottom of a sofa and where working away at that and someone remarked that doing such a project would have been impossible in the old space and now we were taking up less than 2% of the new space. Don’t believe how big the new space is? Look at this:



We can’t wait for new people to see the space too. We have our first Open Hack Night on Wednesday from 6:30pm

Events General Hackspace as venue Open Hack Night

Achievement Unlocked – Loading Hackspace 2.0


This afternoon I had a meeting with the folks at Bizspace and an agreement was made that means we will be moving into Roden House at the end of April.

Our new address is:

Nottingham Hackspace, Unit F6 BizSpace, Roden House Business Centre, Nottingham, NG3 1JH

(we’re exactly below the Rollo Accademy of Performing Art)

We have been delighted, encouraged and sometimes humbled by the donations we received. Particularly poignant were the donations from Hackers in Japan which we found extremely thought provoking.

We’d particularly like to thank, London Hackspace and NYC Resistor for their help. So many of you donated to the PayPal and bank account that it will take us a couple of days to list and note everyone and ensure we’ve spotted the new membership payments too.

We currently worked out that we received £780 in PayPal donations and about £1ooo in bank donations from both members, friends and well wishers. We’ve managed to top up the rest we required for the deposit with membership fees and workshop admission charges that we’d bank over the last few months!

Our very last Open Hack Night at the Old Police Station on Station Street Nottingham will be on Wednesday 27th April (tomorrow). We will be moving the Hackspace “stuff” to the new space on Sunday 1st May (all day long).

We are going to have a massive Open Day Event & Party on Sunday the 29th May 2011 when we hope to entertain a large number of makers and exhibitors as well as visitors and guests from the City of Nottingham and hackers and Hackerspaces from all over the UK… THE WORLD even…

We still welcome any donations and gifts we’re particularly keen to increase the amount of furniture, tools and equipment available to members and guests.

Our first Open Hack Night in the new space will be Wednesday 4th May 2011.

See you there!


Nottingham Hackspace Needs Your Help

As you may or may not be aware, Nottingham Hackspace’s landlords have been evicted from our current location, meaning we lose our space at the end of April.

This gives us an opportunity to make Nottingham Hackspace even better, but for that we need your help!

The Big Workshop
The Big Workshop

We have found an excellent space for Hackspace2.0, much bigger than our current hackspace, but we need a fairly large initial deposit – £2000.  This is where you come in…

Your can help us by:

  • Sending a donation – the simplest way
  • Becoming a friend of Nottingham Hackspace – have your name immortalised for all time
  • Sponsor part of our new space – name a room in Hackspace2.0

We need to raise this money by the end of April so if you can, please stick your hand down the back of your sofa and donate now!


Bank and PayPal details are at the bottom of this post, simply send us some money and mark it as a donation!

Become a Friend of Nottingham Hackspace

If you become a friend of Nottingham Hackspace, we will list your name on this site, and on a massive display in Hackspace2.0.  This “Friend’s Wall” will form the backdrop of many of our future videos and photos.

Becoming a friend is easy and cheap, with a number of options – basically, the more money you donate, the bigger and more prominent your name on the wall and the website.  You can donate as much as you like, and we will ensure that everyone’s “per £” is the same.

Sponsor Hackspace2.0

The Big Studio
The Big Studio

We have three rooms to name in the space, and you could name them.  For £1000 you can name the really big room,  for £750 for can name second largest room and for £500 you can name largest office space or the kitchen.  Please contact us at to arrange this.

Becoming a friend is easy and cheap, with a number of options – basically, the more money you donate, the bigger and more prominent your name on the wall and the website.  You can donate as much as you like, and we will ensure that everyone’s “per £” is the same.

Sending Us Money

Our preferred method would be bank transfer, using these details:

< Old details removed >

Please make sure you include your name in the Reference, along with a D for donation or F for Friend

You can also donate with PayPal by sending us a personal gift to < no longer available> , or clicking the button below.  Please put whether it is a donation or you are becoming a friend in the message.