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The end of the beginning 2011 in review

It seems nearly impossible to image that we were considering moving to the 1st floor of the Old Police Station on Station Street this time last year. The Art Org had just rejected an offer for us to move into the large room at the back of the Old Police Station and they were offering us the use of a double office just above the front door.

We’ve come a long way since then becoming the UK’s largest Hackspace in early May 2011. Here are some of the best bits from the year!

In January we sent a cupcake to LVL1 in Louisville Kentucky for the Global Hackspace Challenge. We managed to come 3rd somehow!

In February we went down to London Hackspace to celebrate them expanding into another unit at their business centre. Here is a picture of Michael inviting us to “Blog that Shhh!”

LHS Party 6 Feb 2011 013

In March we went to the Maker Faire UK in Newcastle it was great fun, you really should join us at the next one!

Maker Faire 047

Maker Faire 126

April was when we learned we’d been evicted from the Art Org and we suddenly found ourselves with a massive challenge to find a new home. David managed to get us feature on!

Nottingham Hackspace loses home, needs £2000 for deposit on new place

… and we went for this big space!

Amazingly we managed to pull it off thanks to lots of very cool people sending us money. We moved in on 2nd May 2011. This video is a tribute to them!

In July we hosted the Nottingham BarCamp our first major event at the space.


…wonder if we’ll be hosting in 2012?

August saw two prestigeous speakers at the space. Richard Stallman and Tim Hunkin!

Southwold 203

…we’ve become friends with Tim Hunkin and we hope to work with him more in the future. We agree generally with the principles of Mr Stallman and were honoured by his attendance, though we feel that RMS should also recognise that whilst software should be free, manners already are!

In September we headed down to Brighton to visit Build Brighton AND the Mini Maker Faire! David tested his 3rd person camera rig!

In October we managed to blag a trip to Southwold to see the under the pier show and meet up with Tim Hunkin

Southwold 104

We’ll be going again in the Spring of 2012, look out for updates.

In November we managed to purchase a major new toy tool by asking for pledges! This puts us in the big league!

Myford Cleaning

and in December we celebrated Festivus! Make your new years resolution to visit Nottingham Hackspace!


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