Hack-o-ween is coming…

Hack-o-ween is coming

Nottingham Hackspace’s first Halloween Party will take place on Saturday, 27 October, starting at 7:00pm.

Enjoy spooky movies, terrifying music, gruesome snacks and frightening cocktails as we raise the dead and dance our way to Hell with grim grinning ghosts coming out to socialise.

Costumes mandatory, and the more handmade, the better.

For more information, contact your Ghost Host, Kate, at

Events General

Maker Playgroup on Sunday, 7th October


On Sunday, 7th October, Nottingham Hackspace will be hosting its Maker Playgroup, a chance for parents and small children to enjoy the hackspace.

Starting at 10am, Maker Playgroup is a great way to see the space and talk to other makers and hackers. There will be crayons, paints, cardboard boxes and plenty for children to play with, whether inventing a new rocket ship or just colouring a robot.

Share your favourite parenting hacks, get to know other parents, and play at the Nottingham Hackspace!

Events Lock Picking Workshops

Lockpicking Workshop

Lockpicking Workshop

Nottingham Hackspace will be hosting monthly lockpicking workshops with Locksport International, run by Warren Rockley of Locksport International UK.

Running on the first Saturday of every month, these workshops will focus on sport-style lockpicking, including:

  • The legal aspects and ramifications of owning, carrying and using lockpicks and associated tools
  • The tools available, the tools we use and the tools to avoid
  • The techniques involved in picking standard pin tumbler locks
  • Basic single-pin picking with specially modified training locks
  • Single-pin picking of unmodified locks containing security pins

Locks, picks and more information will be provided, and picks will also be available for purchase on the day.

The workshop will start at 1pm and will cost £5.

Please note: This is not a locksmithing course. The Nottingham Hackspace and Locksport International advise against picking locks that are in use or picking locks you do not own or have permission to pick. Any person making references to any illegal activities related to the locks or the techniques being taught or theft will be asked to leave without a refund.


Show and Tell

Nottingham Hackspace is hosting a day of short talks, about anything, by anyone.  Anyone can attend for free, and anyone can give a talk for free.

We don’t yet know what talks will happen, but as soon as we do we’ll post up a schedule.

We’d love to see you there – sign up for a ticket on eventbrite if you’ll be joining us.

For more information, or to sign up to deliver a talk, see the event page.



Events Workshops

Candle Making Workshop on 1 October


Learn how to make candles at this workshop on Monday, 1 October, starting at 7:30pm.

Candles are easy to make and can be perfect gifts for anyone who likes a touch of homemade style. Using leftover wax from previous candles, cotton wicks and silicon baking moulds, you’ll come out of the workshop with your own candles and knowing how to make candles quickly and easily in your own home.

The Candle Making Workshop will cost £5, payable at the workshop, and includes all materials, free tea and coffee, and a tour of the hackspace.

Events Workshops

Winemaking Workshop on 27 September

Elderberry Wine
Elderberry Wine.
“Black Juice” photo taken by Jim Champion.

Learn to make your own wine on Thursday, 27 September, at the Nottingham Hackspace, starting at around 7:30.

Hackspace member Matt Little will be explaining the process of making your own wine and how the equipment works – plus there’ll be a bit of homemade elderberry wine to try out!

Making homemade wine is a fairly straightforward way to use up elderflowers, elderberries, dandelions, strawberries, grapes, rhubarb and more! Easier than homebrewing beer, a great conversation starter, and fun!

This workshop will cost only £1 – covering all the details. Winemaking equipment will be kept at the Hackspace, excluding large glass demijohns, which can be purchased at Wilkinsons and online.

So find out how to make wine at the Nottingham Hackspace!


Join us at EMF Camp!

Nottingham Hackspace's plan for EMF Camp
Nottingham Hackspace's plan for EMF Camp

Many members of the Nottingham Hackspace will be attending Electromagnetic Field the weekend of 31 August to 2 September in Pineham Park, Milton Keynes.

This three-day festival is for anyone with an inquisitive mind or an interest in making things – everyone including hackers, geeks, scientists, engineers, artists, crafters and more.

Nottingham Hackspace will have a village at EMF Camp, giving you a chance to see what a hackspace can do while you camp. The space will be bringing equipment and supplies, giving you a chance to make things and try out experiments at the camp.

We’ll have kits for sale, soldering, laser cutting, knitting, drawing, and so much more!

Tickets are still available, both for the full weekend and for single days.

Don’t miss your chance to join us at this unique and exciting event!

Events Hackspace as venue

Young Rewired State at Nottingham Hackspace

Young Rewired State Logo

Nottingham Hackspace is pleased to be the Nottingham centre for the 2012 Young Rewired State Festival of Code, running from Monday 6 to Sunday 12 August.

Focusing on supporting children and teenagers who are interested in programming and who have taught themselves to code, the Festival of Code is a challenge to use open data to create new and interesting digital products for both the mobile and the web. Working with other young people and mentors, these bright young things can create amazing things and share them with others, building business relationships, mentoring partnerships and lifelong friendships.

For more information on Young Rewired State, please visit the YRS website.

If you would like to help with Young Rewired State this week, mentors and volunteers are needed during the week. Please contact Courtney Williams for more information.

Events Workshops

Felt-Making Workshop on 16 August

An example of hand-made felt
An example of hand-made felt, made by Leticia Hall

Nottingham Hackspace will be hosting a felt-making workshop on Thursday, 16 August, from 7pm to 10pm, with Letitica Hall.

Feltmaking is a fun and slightly messy activity for all ages, where you agitate wool in warm water to bind loose fibres together to create fabric. When you’ve created the felt, you can make almost anything with it, from hats to brooches to toys.

The workshop will be £4 in advance and £5 at the door, which gives you materials, instruction, free tea or coffee and a tour of the Hackspace.

To sign up for the workshop, please register on our Eventbrite page.


Hello to r/Hackerspaces mod osirisx11 from ChickenGrylls
Events Workshops

Solar Engine Workshop – Thursday, 28 June

The sun on a blue sky

Nottingham Hackspace will be hosting a Solar Engine workshop on Thursday, 28 June from 7pm.

In this workshop, you’ll create a small circuit that takes low light level power from solar panels and runs a small motor, storing the solar energy and running the motor in bursts.

For £5, you’ll receive full instruction, two small solar panels, a high efficiency motor, small circuit board and all necessary components. You’ll learn basic soldering and a bit about solar power and how circuits work.

With your solar engine, you can create small kinetic art, such as a Solar Roller and more!