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Flavoured Oils and Spirits Workshop on 5 November

Join our workshop on how to make flavoured oils and spirits on Monday, 5th November.

Bottles of oil

Come to the Craft Night Workshop on making flavoured oils and spirits on Monday, 5 November, starting at 7pm.

In this workshop, you will be taking olive oil or vodka and adding herbs, spices, sweets, and more to create individual and creative flavours ideal for cooking, cocktails and more.

The workshop will cost £5, and will include oil or vodka, a range of possibilities for flavourings, and a single 50ml bottle, with additional bottles available for purchase on the day.

Registration is on the day, and feel free to bring your own spirits, oils and flavourings to create your individual blend.

If you have any questions, please contact the workshop organiser, Kate, at

(Please note: we ask that anyone who wishes to work with vodka be over 18. Thank you.)