BikeHood, April and May

The next BikeHood cycle repair workshops are on February the 18th and March the 24th 2012, each running from 12:00 – 17:00. BikeHood is not just about getting your bike repaired, but learning how to fix and look after it yourself.

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Global Game Jam 2012

Nottingham Hackspace recently acted as a venue for the Global Game Jam 2012. See a few of the projects here.

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BikeHood: Bike maintenance workshop at the Hackspace

Among the facilities we’ve been building at the new Hackpsace are cycle parking and repair. We’ll be using them this Saturday (17th September 12:00 – 15:00) to host BikeHood and run a bike maintenance workshop.

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Folksy Rulers

One of the things I’m always looking for at the hackspace is a ruler, and we’ve definitely been short of them. I had a word with the people at Folksy, and they sent us a bunch of lovely metal edged wooden ones. Thanks! Folksy is a UK based marketplace for crafters to sell their stuff; […]

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Open Day Photos

Sunday was marvellous! Our thanks to everyone that came. There’s a photoset of the whole day up here on Flickr. As well as the facilities of Nottingham Hackspace being on show, we also had members demonstrating various projects, including Matt Little’s pedal powered smoothie maker, a soldering table where you could both learn to solder […]

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I finally got around to hacking all of the laser parts off the laser scissors we used for Tea & Lasers at GameCity last year. Having a bandsaw makes it a lot easier, and we now have a lot of spare pairs of scissors. A part of this was also testing the red laser diodes […]

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Maker Faire UK 2011 Day 1

It’s the end of day one in Newcastle, and we’re in the pub with guys from hackspaces in Northhampton, London, Leeds and Dublin. Its been a fantastic day walking around the Maker Faire, meeting people from all the other UK Hackerspaces and of course all the other makers. Arriving at the Life centre via the […]

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