Open Day Photos

Sunday was marvellous! Our thanks to everyone that came. There’s a photoset of the whole day up here on Flickr.

Nottinghack badge by Beta Layout.

As well as the facilities of Nottingham Hackspace being on show, we also had members demonstrating various projects, including Matt Little’s pedal powered smoothie maker, a soldering table where you could both learn to solder and make kits, Matt Lloyd’s RepRap 3D printer, Jake Howe’s various noisemakers and props, demonstrations of lockpicking and chainmail weaving, and a whole load more. See them all in the flickr set.

We’d especially like to thank Beta Layout for producing the Nottinghack badge we used for teaching people to solder, and the members of Northackton and Leeds hackspaces who brought and set up other projects. Inlcuded in those were Leeds’ remote controlled robots to play tag with via webcam, and Martin from Northackton demonstrating how to make props and chainmail, with some fantastic pieces of his own including a 30,000 ring chainmail shirt.

If you missed it, don’t worry, we’re sure to be doing this again in the coming year.