An introduction to lock-picking

After the success of the last event & interest from members & non-members who couldn’t make it, We’ve decided to run 2 more sessions to introduce people to the techniques of picking locks & lock-sport as a hobby.

The two sessions will run on Monday 17th January from 6-9pm and Saturday the 22nd of January from 12-3pm, to allow people who can’t make events on a “school night” or on a weekend to attend.

Both sessions will be open to all, including those who have attended previous sessions. Spaces are limited to 15 people for each event. So register now!

Tony will be taking people through the basics of how a pin tumbler lock works (the most common household lock) and discussing how various picking techniques open locks with lock picks and other bypass methods 🙂 Tony has a selection of different lock types to demonstrate and will be providing tuition and opportunities for people to practice the techniques demonstrated.

We will also be discussing home security in general, with hints and tips on what you can do to better protect your home & possessions. A £4 contribution to the Hackspace has been suggested, to cover the cost of running these events. There will be a selection of locks, books & tools left out for members to use!

By Tony S

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