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Hackers are people who have very few things in common except … they want to make stuff……. share knowledge and learn new skills… it’s more than electronics and robotics we dabble in art, shed-chemistry, backyard ballistics, programming, woodwork, kite flying, engineering, knitting, homebrewing, problem solving, prototyping…

Hacking is about taking control of the things in your life and knowing how to make them work for you, from fixing your bike to jail breaking your iPhone.

Nottinghackers enjoy making things just for the sake of it. Maybe you can bring new skills to the space? We’re sure you’ll take new ones here too…

Nottingham Hackspace – In the centre of Nottinham to find out more explore this site or join us on our open hack nights every Wednesday 6pm

The Crew at the Rube Goldurg Weekender May 2010

It’s about more than electronics. We have hackers who are knitters, programmers, kite-flyers, musicians, toy-enthusiasts and those who just enjoy Geek Pride.

In fact the only common ground at the Hackspace is the desire to learn and share skills. Hackers say “There are no stupid questions!” Hackspace is an inclusive environment where you can collaborate or work alone without hindrance.

NottingHack Mentos eruption

Coke & Mentos - Backyard Chemistry

We’re only just getting started but you can think of the Hackspace as a tool library where you can get all the equipment and help you want to complete your maker project.

Below is an early description the founders of Nottinghack put together to describe the project.

A description of tooling & activity at the Hackspace
Run for it’s members & the community as a drop-in space where the tools (due to cost or size) and experienced help can not be afforded or found at home.

  • Electronic/mechanical prototyping & model making
  • Small scale production (kits & projects)
  • Screen printing (circuit boards & t-shirts)
  • Fabrication (small scale 3D printing)
  • Wood and metal working
  • Tutorials & Workshops
  • Programming based activity
  • Film making & photography
  • Crafts & creative activity
  • lectures & seminars

Tooling & Equipment

  • Laser cutter (small scale fabrication)
  • CNC Router (Computer Numeric Control wood & metal working tool for medium scale fabrication)
  • Etching baths, PCB cutter, UV light box
  • Dark room, camera & editing equipment
  • Projector
  • Pillar drill
  • Drop saw/band saw
  • Metal and woodworking lathe
  • 3D printer
  • Sewing/Knitting machine & iron
  • heat gun
  • DC variable power supply
  • Variable heat soldering & fume exstraction/filtering
  • Vacuum Former
  • 3D Scanner

As well as a multitude of smaller & traditional tools & equipment. For example:

  • Glue guns
  • staple gun
  • hammers/chisels/plains/tapping & thread making/screwdrivers & so on
  • Dremel multi tools & assorted bits
  • Drills, sanders, jigsaws & smaller power tools

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