Opening the Nottinghack Cupcake at LVL1 Louisville

You have to check this awesome video of the official cupcake opening. Comments indicate that the cupcake was “surprisingly unstale” and had condensation on it after taking about 2 weeks to get to LVL1 Hackerspace in Louisville Kentucky USA.

The whole Cupcake Challenge has been a great success and we hope to have more involvement with LVL1 in the future!

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3 responses to “Opening the Nottinghack Cupcake at LVL1 Louisville”

  1. Greendrv says:

    Absolutely had a blast doing this with you!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LVL1, Nottingham Hackspace. Nottingham Hackspace said: New Blog post with link to the #cupcakechallenge video @lvl1hackerspace […]

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