LED Matrix

LED MatrixEverybody loves LED and hackers are no exception!

At our first open hack day on Saturday, Michael dropped off an LED matrix unit normally used in motorway signs.  16 x 16 bi-colour LEDs – 256 green-yellow and red flashing lights!

In fact, he dropped off eight units!  2056 LEDs!

Each unit has two identical connectors, IN and OUT, which allow them to be chained together and controlled as one.  Each unit still requires it’s one power supply.

The possibilities of these are pretty exciting!  My electronics-fu is nowhere near good enough to work out how to use them, but I have created a wiki page and uploaded the datasheet and a few different pictures.

Get playing!

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  1. LWK says:

    Wow, these look great.
    Wish i had come down down on Saturday now.
    Glad we have the data sheet, I should be able to write some test code for Wednesday.

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