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Useless Machine Workshop

Build your own Useless Machine on Tuesday, 24 July, from 7pm.

Nottingham Hackspace will be holding a Useless Machine workshop, run by Martin Raynsford, on Tuesday, 24 July.

The Useless Machine is a small and silly little machine that turns itself off when you turn it on. For an example, see it here:

The Useless Machine will run off of a 9g servo, modified to directly power the motor and running off of a single AA battery. It can then be mounted into a laser cut box with a living hinge, but can also be easily moved to another box of your choosing. For more information on the Useless Machine, see Martin’s blog post on it.

The workshop will be £15, which includes all the necessary pieces and instruction.

The workshop will run in two tracks – one at 7pm and one at 8pm. For both workshops, please register online.