Nottingham Hackspace Fire

Nottingham Hackspace had a small fire in the woodworking area afternoon of Sunday 27th of March. No one was hurt and the fire was put out by the Fire Brigade.

This however has necessitated the Hackspace to close until the electricity is restored tomorrow morning at the earliest. All doors are locked and any queries about this can be directed to the trustees –

The damage is not extensive thanks to the work of the firefighters. The source of the fire appears to be heavy use of the table saw causing hot sawdust to eventually combust and be pulled into the extractor. See photos of the damage below.

Both the table saw and extractor, and associated electrical sockets inside the “dusty area” need replacing entirely and the table saw plug has been cut. Other items in that area need at least a deep clean, electrical inspection and testing before use. Smoke may have mad its way outside the area. The area is off limit to work even when the space reopens until the area has been properly sorted. The table saw may take some time to replace please join Slack if you want to see progress there.

The water used by the firefighters mostly is dry upstairs, but downstairs there was some water on the CnC machines and associates parts as per the photo. This will require checking by the associated teams before powering on. It has all been unplugged and floor mopped.

The Nottingham Hackspace Trustees are currently working on our latest Fire Risk assessment and will be evaluating this event with a post-incident report with further detail to do improvements in the future and prioritise things.