Nottingham Hackspace Annual General Meeting

Nottingham Hackspace’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be on Tuesday, 12th December, from 19:00.

It will again be at Antenna.

This is our yearly meeting, where we discuss the state of the Hackspace over the past year. We will have a full financial report as well as a review of the previous year’s events.

For the AGM to have full effect, we need to have a quorate vote to approve the finances. This will require at least 120 members attending.

If you cannot make the AGM, you can register a proxy vote, where a person attends and submits a vote on your behalf. We will have a list of members who have volunteered to hold proxy votes in a future email to be sent to members. Or, if you know someone who is attending, you can ask them to be your proxy.

Thank you for being a Hackspace member this past year, and we look forward to see you at the AGM!