David 8 Touches The Hackspace

Printable David, by MiniShadow

The Printable David 8, from minishadow.tumblr.com

When Kate found this printable David 8 from Prometheus, she knew that the Hackspace would be ideal for his incessant touching.

So with a bit of colouring, attaching to card, and putting magnets on the back, David 8 was ready to explore the strange new world of the Nottingham Hackspace.

The David cut-out touches a plastic magnet D

Yes, David, that is a D. Your name begins with D.

David 8 touches a vinyl cut-out H attached to a post.

And that is an H. Because we are at a Hackspace.

David 8 touches the guard on the table saw

Oh David! Not the table saw!

David touches a cut-out of Fluttershy

Not Fluttershy!

David 8 touches Ein the Duck's sign, which says Ask Me About The Hackspace

Yes, David, you can touch Ein the Duck. After all, he knows about the Hackspace.

If you would like to join David 8 in his exploration, visit the Nottingham Hackspace on one of our Open Hack Nights, every Wednesday starting from 7pm!