join us

If you want to join us, just start by visiting us on a Wednesday Open Night or any of our many events and workshops.

First time visitors should look for Ein the Duck. Ein will be by a Hackspace member, marking them as the night’s nominated greeter. You’ll get a tour and find out more about the space.

Ein the Duck

We also have a lot of information about membership in our handy guide.

If you’d like to become a member, email or talk to us in person on a Wednesday. As a member, you get a lot of benefits that non-members don’t, including 24-hour access, a say in how the space is run, and more.

Membership is based on a ‘Pay What You Think Is Right’ system. Whatever you think is appropriate for how you use the space, that’s what your membership costs per month.

Perhaps you want to use the hackspace regularly, frequently using the consumables and tools to make stuff. Or perhaps you just want to support the Hackspace a little, making a small monthly contribution and dropping in from time to time. However you want to be involved, you decide on an appropriate membership fee.

To function and expand, Nottinghack needs your support. The hackspace is paid for entirely by membership fees, donations and workshop charges, and is run as a non-profit. Whatever money we make beyond the basic monthly costs of running the space is reinvested in consumables and tools for members to hack with.

If you’re unsure whether or not you want to become a member, come down to speak to us. We hold Hackspace open nights every Wednesday from 18:30, and these are free to everyone. If you want to come and work on a project, have a chat and a coffee or just see what it’s all about; you’re welcome.

If we are running a workshop and you want to get involved, or if you want to use some of the resources a donation is appropriate. Non-members are welcome to attend any workshop or event run by Nottinghack, and the charges for these are detailed in advance.

Advantages of Membership:

  • An option to storage your projects at the space in a 35L Box
  • Use of the Hackspace tools & equipment
  • 24 hour access to the Hackspace
  • WiFi access
  • Use of shared components, consumables, donated items as well as tea & coffee
  • Discounts on Events & Workshops
  • A vote on purchases of new equipment
  • Opportunity to run workshops if desired
  • May attend the AGM and be elected to the Board of Trustees

There are only 2 rules about membership fees:

1. Members pay what they feel the space is worth to them for membership on a monthly basis.
2. If you are paying less than you are taking from the Hackspace you’ll be politely asked to increase your monthly payments.