cupcake challenge

In Jan 2011 we took part in the global hackerspace cupcake challenge.
The objective was to mail a cupcake to another hackerspace in pristine condition.

Our challenge partner was LVL1 the Louisville Hackerspace in Kentucky USA. They are nice folk and well worth a follow on Twitter @lvl1hackerspace

For more details on the challenge see the first blog post here and the main info page here on

After a prototyping session ending with a successful five storey drop test, our Cupcake was packaged on mailed on the 15th of January,  but took almost two weeks to arrive. To see the awesome video of our cupcake being opened at LVL1 check out this post

The results were announced on the 20th of Febuary and we came in third! Check out the video of the announcement here

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