(Last updated April 10th, 2013).

Who’s in charge?
The Hackspace is run by its members, who choose how the membership funds are spent. There are no staff at the hackspace, just volunteers. Administrative tasks are conducted by teams of volunteers, and a board of trustees elected by members yearly at our May AGM.

I came to the Hackspace but there was no-one there, where were you?
At the moment, the Hackspace is only open to general visitors on a Wednesday evening from around 6:30pm till about 9:30pm. If you’d like to visit the Hackspace at other times please email us at membership@nottinghack.org.uk or contact us through the Google group.

Why are Wednesday Hacknights free?
We want people to come to the Hackspace, whether to use it for project work, socialising or networking. It’s always free to come down to the Hackspace on a Wednesday and do your own thing, even if we are running a paid workshop elsewhere in the space. Note that you still need to be a member or make a donation to help yourself to consumables.

Can I become a member without attending an open night?
We generally ask that people visit the Hackspace before becoming a member. If you are unable to make it to an open hack night on Wednesday you can email membership@nottinghack.org.uk to arrange an alternative time to visit. You can also check the calendar for any upcoming workshops that you may be able to attend at the Hackspace.

Pay-What-You-Like for membership? Haha! I’ll just pay 50p then! Can I do that?
Technically, yes. As long as you follow “Rule 1” & “Rule 2” you can Pay-What-You-Like for membership. There is no upper or lower limit.

What are “Rule 1” & “Rule 2”?
See the membership page for rule 1, rule 2, and the benefits of membership.

How do I get to use tools/equipment/consumables?
Become a member

Is there somewher safe to leave my tools and gadgets?
As a member, you can get a 35L storage box to keep things in. It’s only secure storage insofar as only Nottinghack members can access it, so probably best not to leave your laptop or anything in it.

When are people there in the space?
Members get twenty-four hour access and can be there whenever they like, but the busiest time of the week is the free open hack night, every Wednesday evening from 18:30.

What sort of things do people do?
All sorts! We have tools for electronics, woodwork, knitting, model making, and a lot of other stuff besides. People have done everything from build nigh-indestructible packages to etching circuit boards, making camera enclosures to websites, LED lights, musical instruments and kite photography rigs.

Are there group projects and do we have to join in on every one?
We do sometimes do big projects and events, but no, you don’t have to join in if you don’t want to. Quite often there may be a workshop going on in one area while other people do all sorts of things elsewhere in the space.

Do you have to know a lot about computers to feel like you belong there?
No, not at all. It’s not a computer club, it’s a hackspace, dedicated to any kind of inquisitive, creative pursuit.

Does it have to be electronic projects?
No, of course not. Nottinghack spans all kinds of interests, and electronics are just a part of what we do. Screen printing, bike maintenance, textiles, woodwork, metalwork, lock picking… these are just a a few of the things members do in the hackspace.

Will you help me steal money/info/rude photos from the bank/NASA/my boss over the internet?
No, we won’t. There are two definitions of hacking, one good and one bad. We’re interested in exploring how things work and making new stuff, not breaking into things or committing criminal acts. Go somewhere else if you want to do the latter, because we’re not interested and won’t help you with it.

Can I do work there for profit?
That depends. As long as you’re not doing anything illegal, you can work on any projects at the hackspace. If, as a member, you want to use the facilities to prototype things, we’re all for that. If you want to start a business, research something or develop stuff, then those are some of the many things we want to encourage. If you want to use the hackspace as a factory, warehouse, distribution hub, office or mailing address, that wouldn’t work for Nottinghack, and nor would the space be ideal for you. See rule 2 here.

Are there any projects I’m not allowed to do at the hackspace?
Anything that’s illegal or would damage the space is a no go. Explosives and drugs are obvious things we won’t tolerate, as well as any criminal behaviour. So basically, be reasonable, and whatever you want to make or do should be fine. If you’re in any doubt over something, just talk to us.

Can I get help with things I don’t know how to do?
Whatever you want to know, it’s more than likely another member can help you to learn more about something, and also likely that you have something you can teach everyone else too. The Google group is a good place to start asking about things or gauging interest in a subject.

Are you nice people or not?
We’re lovely. If you’re in any doubt, come down to the free open hack night on a Wednesday evening. Someone will be glad to give you a tour, and you’re most welcome to bring something to work on as well.