Nottingham Hackspace Photographers

Every first Monday evening we will be starting a new group for Photographers at the Hackspace.

The group is for anyone with an interest in photography, or anyone interested in getting more involved with photography.
I promise we will not judge you by your camera.
We will be having our first meeting on Monday 3rd March, from about 6.30pm onwards. We will finish at about 9-9.30pm
I will be giving an initial talk titled ‘Less worry, more photos’ which will be a bit of an introduction to the ethos of the group packaged
up along side some inspirational words, which will start at 7.30pm.
So people able to arrive a little earlier can socialise, but you won’t miss anything major if you arrive at 7.30pm.
You have to bring a recently taken photo with you as well. Ideally printed off.
If you can not print it off before hand, email it me over and I will print it for you.
This event is free. Non members are welcome.
Any questions you can ask Jake on the mailing list, where we already have a topic for the group.


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